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i am into poetry, cinema, cuisine, style, music, etc. i am close to perfect in my world. i love imagery, colours, art and culture. i am a hardcore feminist and have individualistic ideals. i do not like to follow norms but i am not a deviant. i love the web. i respect artists.


i woke up fresh to enjoy the bounty of nature,

the cuckoo is spreading an expanse of harmony and abundance.

it charms me unlike a thing i encounter every day.

the cuckoo is singing the sweetest of songs this morning,



This cup belongs to my sister and I think it’s so cool and it’s somehow true ^^

So let’s talk about cake ❤

Last weekend my sister invited me for dinner. She cooked a vegetarian meal and thereafter we should have some cake. This cake was her first try and it looked like someone had thrown a bomb on it. But it was still very yummy. It was made with strawberries, with red (strawberry) and green (woodruff) cream and a baked pastry case. It looked so undefinable and we laughed so much over it. But she will try to make this cake again and maybe it looks better next time 🙂

And here are the photos of her cake ^_^

She had to put it in a bowl, so that the cake will get the right shape.


Now she had to turn the bowl to release the cake ^_^


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is there any more pie?

This didn’t work out.

I baked the pie shell (lined with aluminum foil, filled with beans).  I mashed and cooked 2 cups of fresh strawberries.  I drained it, added sugar and cornstarch and boiled and stirred and all that good stuff.

I tried to arrange the berries in a pretty, Martha-Stewart-like way.  That didn’t work, because I was running out of patience.  I poured the beautiful thick glaze over everything and chilled the pie for the required three hours.

It didn’t work out: the crust was dry, the glaze soupy, the strawberries too sweet.

I made a creole bean recipe in the crock pot.  That didn’t work out either.  I threw it all in the garbage.  On the same pie-baking, bean-cooking day, I made pizza dough in the bread machine.  And–you guessed it–that didn’t work out.  I had to add a ton of flour and the pizza just didn’t taste…

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Bebe's Kitchen

I’m not really a fan of vegetables. I don’t know why, but I’m really picky when it comes to those green and healthy stuff. But I do have one veggie that I like a lot though. That lucky one is spinach. I can eat it without any problem ever since I was a kid. Other vegetables? Hmmm.. not so much.

Then one time, I tried to made a homemade ravioli with spinach and ricotta filling. Got all excited when I bought the ingredients and when I learned that it have a lot of steps on making it… That was when I got into my lazy mode. So, I switched my plan and i found this simple yet great recipe. The original recipe actually using peas instead of spinach, so I had to adjust some of the ingredients a little bit.


  • 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
  • 1 tsp. butter

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you and mie

So this week’s challenge for Project Run & Play was COLOR.  We were supposed to pick a color and design an outfit around that color.

My idea for this outfit came pretty quickly to me.  There are two things that I’ve been DYING (hint hint) to try.  One was painting fabric and the other was dyeing fabric.  So this was the perfect opportunity to give them both a try!

The color I chose to use was purple which is kind of surprising, because it’s not one I’m often drawn too.  I like the color just fine, but I’m pretty much a blue girl.  But when I imagined the dress I wanted to make, a dusty purple was the only one I thought would work.  So here it is, my painted and dyed purple outfit for Yuki.  A bit vintage and a touch of modern.  I think it works.

So first…

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