Love said to me..

Love said to me...



This cup belongs to my sister and I think it’s so cool and it’s somehow true ^^

So let’s talk about cake ❤

Last weekend my sister invited me for dinner. She cooked a vegetarian meal and thereafter we should have some cake. This cake was her first try and it looked like someone had thrown a bomb on it. But it was still very yummy. It was made with strawberries, with red (strawberry) and green (woodruff) cream and a baked pastry case. It looked so undefinable and we laughed so much over it. But she will try to make this cake again and maybe it looks better next time 🙂

And here are the photos of her cake ^_^

She had to put it in a bowl, so that the cake will get the right shape.


Now she had to turn the bowl to release the cake ^_^


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