Power Cut

Reflections of a Bewildered Mind

The moon light outside
Only source of power to guide
Glimpse of shadows tall
Appear dancing on the wall

Temperature on a down trend
As the dark night does descend power_cut
The candle light in the hearth
Does little to add to the warmth

Darkness befalls the room
Eyes struggle in the gloom
Candlelight shadows flicker
The wind seems to snicker

Shadows grow larger in formation
Adeptly stoking my imagination
Pulse accelerates to a rapid beat
Glistening sweat does greet

They seem to move menacingly
Intent to devour my soul
I am sure it is my imagination
Yes, I am almost certain it is.


Poem #12 for National Poetry Writing Month Challenge

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This cup belongs to my sister and I think it’s so cool and it’s somehow true ^^

So let’s talk about cake ❤

Last weekend my sister invited me for dinner. She cooked a vegetarian meal and thereafter we should have some cake. This cake was her first try and it looked like someone had thrown a bomb on it. But it was still very yummy. It was made with strawberries, with red (strawberry) and green (woodruff) cream and a baked pastry case. It looked so undefinable and we laughed so much over it. But she will try to make this cake again and maybe it looks better next time 🙂

And here are the photos of her cake ^_^

She had to put it in a bowl, so that the cake will get the right shape.


Now she had to turn the bowl to release the cake ^_^


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